Anonymous in St. Francis

I’ve used the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act to take time off work for various surgeries. I’ve had knee replacement, two stomach surgeries, shoulder, and foot surgery. I work for Milwaukee County luckily, I had accrued sick time that helped me pay for the essentials, and I was able to supplement my income with Short Term Disability. If I didn’t have that accrued sick pay and the Short Term Disability, I would not have been able to take off work as much as the doctor recommended to make a full recovery.  I support Paid Family Leave. It’s something that we need, plain and simple. People don’t choose to get sick and need medical care. People still have to survive as they take care of those needs and shouldn’t have to choose between their own health or paying for the necessities, like medical costs and bills.

-Anonymous, St. Francis, WI

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