I had to use the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act since I work for the Post office as a letter carrier, but was fortunate enough to fall in the guidelines and was not denied benefits. I was able to use the time to care for myself, my husband, and my son. I was able to use accrued sick time to supplement my income, and my employer did not force me to abandon my family or neglect my own health.  I can’t even imagine what I would do without the Family and Medical Leave Act. Taking the time off work to care for my family was scary enough already, since the medication was so expense and was not approved on the medical list. I was spending over three hundred dollars a week on medication alone, so I don’t want to even try to imagine what it would be like if I had to worry about choosing between losing my job and my paycheck or taking care of those I love. My son is still sick. Right now, there is no way to pay for medication. My husband lost his job working in the plastics industry because his FMLA ran out, and now being the sole provider for my family, things have become really difficult. I would have lost everything if I didn’t have Family and Medical Leave, paid time off, insurance and a good job.

-BaLynda, New London, WI

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