The last time I used the Wisconsin Family Leave and Medical Act, my mother developed a brain tumor and was dying. Thank God it was available to me. I mostly used it intermittently, up until the end of my mother’s life. It was so important to me and my mother to be with her during her last days.  I was able to use my accrued paid leave to supplement my wages. I couldn’t have been able to be there to be with her otherwise; I was a single parent and it would’ve destroyed me to go without a paycheck.  It would’ve ruined me financially and it would’ve torn me apart to make that choice between being there for my mother during her last days and earning a paycheck. I was in no condition to be effective at work if I had to go in. I was that much better of an employee when I returned because I knew that I was respected.

Wisconsin Legislators need to be thankful they are able to have the benefit of economic stability and are able to spend time with sick or dying loved ones without having to worry about how it will impact their paycheck and their livelihood.

-Sandy, Portage, WI

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