WIFi Supporting Partners

I support this modification to the Family Medical Leave Act. This change creates a pool that would make it easier for small businesses to pay for this benefit while finally giving workers financial stability while off work for a medical issue.

Jon Seybold

Owner of Houligans Steak and Seafood Pub


First of all, it is the right thing to do and it should not only be about how it benefits my business. But, it would certainly be a benefit just like unemployment insurance to keep an employee in a good place financially while taking time off for family needs.

Jeffrey E. Smith

Owner of Bob Smith Window Cleaning

As a business owner, I support the Family Medical Leave Insurance. It’s important to have financial support while caring for your newborn or your aging parent without losing your whole income. It’s a great start.

Sherri Linderman

Owner of Maximum Performance

It would help my staff out to be able to have time out when they are sick.

Takasha Robinson

Administrator: Helens Supportive Services

Supporting paid family leave insurance helps my bottom-line because I don’t have to pay out of pocket for leave I wish I could give, but can’t afford it.

Miriam and Brian Atinksy

Co-Owners: RiverWest Filling Station